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The company Scieries du Forez

A century-old family history

scieries du forez

Our family's passion for wood has been passed down through the company over four generations. Lucien LEVIGNE, our great-grandfather and a qualified land surveyor with a true passion for forests, first established the sawmill in 1914. Assisted by his father-in-law, he developed a log trading activity supplying shipyards in Nantes. Logs were transported on waterways, pulled by horses walking along towpaths. When the plant first got going, machines were water-operated, with the added advantage that the hydro-turbine supplied the whole village with electricity. In 1979 the sawmill was transferred to its current site and renamed the Scieries du Forez.


Scieries du Forez in figures

  • 100 years of expertise in the local timber industry: from the selection of logs up to the shipping of finished products
  • A 17-strong team some of whom have been with the company for 2 generations!
  • A 10-hectare site in the heart of the forest including 4,000 m2 of building floor space
  • 30 years of experience in exporting timber


Our commitments: sustainable forest management, promotion of local timber resources and job security

As a long-standing actor in the timber industry with a firm commitment to the sustainable management of forest resources, we provide a local business that processes timber sourced in the Livradois Forez and Bois Noirs massifs. All our supplies are guaranteed local softwoods: fir, Douglas fir, spruce, larch and Scots pine. We have been PEFC certified since 2006. Nothing is lost, every part of the log can be processed. From the bark through to the sawn timber unit, optimum use is made of the whole log for each type of use whether for timber, structural wood products or energy wood.