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One single order for all your needs

Structural wood products, frame or cladding? Dry, treated and planed timber? Our wide range of products and finishings combined with our flexible logistics set-up enables us to deliver to you in one go. Your timber is ready to use.

Suitable packaging materials to facilitate product reception and storage!

We take the greatest possible care in preparing and packaging our sawn timber to ensure its optimum preservation. Each parcel is hooped and squared, and each row is separated by battens to ensure the timber is properly ventilated. A CE label is attached to the parcels containing all the necessary information: your name, the name of the species, dimensions, timber lengths, treatment and finishings.

Urgent orders - never fear, we are here!

Reduce worksite downtimes by taking advantage of our permanently available stocks of timber * and the flexibility of our work organisation.

* standard products (battens, rafters, strips, beams); drying and planing services are provided on request -we do not stock these products.