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The various treatments

The various treatments

All the products used are environmentally friendly and rigorously controlled

les differents traitements des sciages bois

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Grade 2


The building industry uses Grade 2 timber.
This treatment has an insecticide and fungicide function. The treatment involves dipping the timber to impregnate it along its outside edges (which leaves a slightly yellow colour).
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This treatment is applied by dipping. It is a preventive treatment that blocks the formation of blue-staining fungi.
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International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No.15 (NIMP15) relating to the regulations on wood-based packaging materials.

The aim is to limit the spread of pests during trade imports/exports. This treatment involves heating the heartwood to 56°C.

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This is recommended for pinewood to ensure its durability in outdoor environments and when in contact with water (Grade 4). The wood is placed in an autoclave into which is vacuum-pumped the treatment solution. The pressure is maintained at 8 to 12 bars to ensure that the wood cells are saturated with the treatment solution.

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